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赖永秀Yongxiu Lai


Research Interests

EEG cognition experiments, EEG signal processing, mechanism of Cognition and schizophrenia.


Female. Associate Professor. Getting a PHD on Biomedical Engineering in 2009. Learning as a visiting scholar in University of California-San Diego from Sep. 2006 to Mar. 2007.Having published more than 10 papers. Having participated in several research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China(General Program), the National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program) and the National Natural Science Fund Project (Key Program).

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Yongxiu Lai, Weiyi Ma, Shujing Duan, Dezhong Yao. Involuntary Processing of Timbre A mismatch negativity study. International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism,2011,13(4),212-216.
Yongxiu Lai, Yin Tian, Dezhong Yao*. MMN Evidence for Asymmetry of IOI shortening and lengthening at Behavioral Indifference Tempo. Brain Research, 1367: 170-180. 2011.
Yongxiu Lai, Dezhong Yao*. Effect of Intensity Accents on the Detection of Inter-Onset Interval Variations. NeuroReport, 22(15): 749-752. 2011.
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Yongxiu Lai, Yin Tian, Dezhong Yao. MMN of Tempo Variation Perception. Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 29(2): 277-282. 2010. 
Yongxiu Lai, Dezhong Yao*. Local Approach to Laplacian Estimate on Spherical Head Surface. Chinese Journal of Electronics, 18(4): 681-685. 2009. 



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