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Dezhong Yao (尧德中)

PhD (1991, 2005),Professor (1995-), ChangJiang Scholar Professor (2006-)

Director, Key Laboratory for NeuroInformation, Ministry of Education of China (2010-)

Head, Domestic Team of the 111 Project on NeuroInformation, Ministry of Education of China (2011-)

Director, International Joint Research Center for NeuroInformation, Ministry of Science and Technology, China (2013-)

Director, Center for Information in Medicine, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China (2014-)


Dean, School of Life Science and Technology (2001-2017), University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China

  Research Interests

1. EEG (Human EEG and ERP; electrophysiology of animal)

2. Brain-Computer interface and Brain-music interaction
3. EEG-MRI integration and its application in epilepsy

  Current Projects (Research group)

NSFC、NSFC key Project

863、 973、111 project

  Main Awards

One of the Most Cited 1651 Chinese Researchers of Elsevier, 2014.

National Excellent Teacher, 2010.

Natural Science Award (first class), Ministry of Education of China, 2009.

Excellent Post Doctor, Sichuan Province, 2006.

Outstanding Youth Research Fund, Natural Science Foundation of China, 2005.

Excellent University Key Teacher, Ministry of Education, 2002.

Top Ten University Youth Teacher, Sichuan Province, 2001.

Outstanding Youth Research Fund, Sichuan Province, 2001.




  Selected publications

1.EEG Theory and Method

(1) EEG zero reference (REST)


Yao D. A method to standardize a reference of scalp EEG recordings to a point at infinity. Physiological Measurement , 22(4)(2001), 693-711.

Qin Y,Xu P,Yao D. A comparative study of different references for EEG default mode network: The use of the infinity reference. Clinical Neurophysiology,121(12)(2010), 1981 -1991

Tian Y,Yao D. Why do we need to use a zero reference? Reference influences on the ERPs of audiovisual effects. Psychophysiology, 50(12)(2013),1282-1290.

Method and free software translate multichannel scalp recordings with any a physical reference point to a point at Infinity (zero potential). It may play the role to standardize the reference for various problems among various Labs.

Comments: Robert W. Thatcher (2012)( Coherence, Phase Differences, Phase Shift, and Phase Lock in EEG/ERP Analyses, Developmental Neuropsychology, 37:6, 476-496): “ It is important to read the papers by Yao and colleagues …. be a solution to many of the reference problems that have historically plagued the field of EEG (Qin, Xu, & Yao, 2010)… is a promising method that can avoid the limitations of common references ((Qin, Xu, & Yao, 2010; Yao, 2001)”)

说明: 差异波解释-修改版4.TIF

REST now has been adopted in various studies around the world.


(2) Closed-form solution of EEG forward

D.Yao.Electric potential produced by a dipole in a homogeneous conducting sphere. IEEE Trans BME, 47(7), 964-966, 2000.

A formula provides the precise solution of a dipole in a homogenous conducting sphere, thus it is a standard for EEG forward algorithm development. It has been adopted in developing new FEM、FVM、meshless、BEM for EEG or ECG.


(3) EEG Inverse Problem

Yao D, He B. A self- coherence enhancement algorithm and its application to enhancing three-dimensional source estimation from EEGs . Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 29(11)(2001), 1019 -1027.

Yao D. High- resolution EEG mapping: a radial - basis function based approach to scalp Laplacian estimate. Clinical neurophysiology , 113(6) (2002), 956-967.

Xu P, Tian Y, Chen H, Yao D. Lp norm iterative sparse solution for EEG source localization. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 54(3)(2007), 400-409.

Zhang J, Raij T, Hamalainen M, Yao D. MEG source localization using invariance of noise space. PLo S One, 8(3)(2013), e58408 .

P Xu, Y Tian, X Lei, D Yao.Neuroelectric source imaging using 3SCO: A space coding algorithm based on particle swarm optimization and l0 norm constraint.NeuroImage 51 (1), 183-205


2.Brain-computer interface and Brain-music interaction

(1) Brain-Computer Interface

Liao X,Yao D, Wu D,Li C. Combining spatial filters for the classification of single-trial EEG in a finger movement task.IEEE Trans BME, 54(5) (2007), 821-830.

Wu Z,Yao D. Frequency detection with stability coefficient for steady- state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) -based BCIs. Journal of Neural Engineering, 5(1) (2008), 36 -43.

Lei X, Yang P, Yao D. An Empirical Bayesian Framework for Brain Computer Interfaces. IEEE Trans NSRE, 17(6) (2009), 521-529 (cover paper)

Zhang Y, Xu P, Liu T, Hu J, Zhang R, Yao D. Multiple Frequencies Sequential Coding for SSVEP-Based Brain-Computer Interface. PLoS One, 7( 3) ( 2012), e29519.

Xu P, Tian C, Zhang Y, Jing W, Wang Z, Liu T, Hu J, Tian Y, Xia Y, Yao D. Cortical network properties revealed by SSVEP in anesthetized rats. Scientific Reports, 3(2013), 2496 .

Zhang Y, Xu P, Cheng K, Yao D. Multivariate synchronization index for frequency recognition of SSVEP -based brain – computer interface . Journal of Neuroscience M ethods , 221( 2014), 32 -40.

说明: 60a7516248c69a0e7ef6c&690


(2) Scale-free Brainwave music and music effect


D Wu, CY Li, DZ Yao*. Scale-free music of the brain,PloS one 4 (6), e5915

J Lu, D Wu, H Yang, C Luo, C Li, D Yao*. Scale-Free Brain-Wave Music from Simultaneously EEG and fMRI Recordings.PloS one 7 (11), e49773

Hua Yang, Weiyi Ma, Diankun Gong, Jiehui Hu, Dezhong Yao. A Longitudinal Study on Children’s Music Training Experience and Academic Development. Scientific Reports 07/2014.

Gong D, Ma W, Kendrick K, Hu Q, Yao D. How Cognitive Plasticity Resolves the Brain's Information Processing Dilemma. Scientific Reports , 3(2013) , 2860./span>

Based on the scale-free properties followed by both music and physiological signals, an ingenious method is proposed to translate the scalp EEG into music which can discriminate different mental states.

说明: Figure 1

Media reports(Times, Science daily, Medical daily, New scientist, Scientific American, Wired science, Yahoo news, Terra daily, Soft pedia, etal):
“The findings could enhance understanding of how music therapy could help certain neurodegenerative or developmental disorders”;
“That ability could prove to be a remarkable treatment for people with anxiety and depression”;
“It’s possible to envision refinements of the approach in which mental states have distinctive sounds, and listening to them aids in diagnosis or treatment”;
“We hope the on-going progresses of the brain signals based music will properly unravel part of the truth in the brain, and then to be used for clinical diagnosis and bio-feedback therapy in the future”

3.EEG-MRI fusion and its application in epilepsy

(1) EEG-fMRI integration (NEtwork SOurce Imaging: NESOI)

Lei X. ,Qiu C. ,X u P.,Yao D. A parallel framework for simultaneous EEG/fMRI analysis: Methodology and simulation. NeuroImage,52(3)( 2010),1123 -1134 .

X Lei, P Xu, C Luo, J Zhao, D Zhou, D Yao,fMRI functional networks for EEG source imaging.Human brain mapping 32 (7), 1141-1160, 2011

Lei X.,Ostwald, Dirk,Hu J.,Qiu C.,Porcaro, Camillo ,Bagshaw, Andrew P.,Yao D. Multimodal Functional Network Connectivity: An EEG-fMRI Fusion in Network Space. PLo S One,6(9)( 2011 ), e24642 .

Li Dong, Diankun Gong, Pedro A Valdes-Sosa, Yang Xia, Cheng Luo, Peng Xu, Dezhong Yao. Simultaneous EEG-fMRI: Trial Level Spatio-Temporal Fusion for Hierarchically Reliable Information Discovery. NeuroImage, 2014 , 99 , 28 -41.

Dong L., Zhang Y., Zhang R., Zhang X., Gong D., Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa, Xu P ., Luo C., Yao D. Characterizing nonlinear relationships in functional imaging data using eigenspace maximal information canonical correlation an alysis (emiCCA ). NeuroImage,In Press, 2015 ,1-20

Free emiCCA software (http://www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/emiCCA.html)

Dong L., Luo C., Cao W.,Zhang R., Gong J., Gong D., Yao D*. Spatiotemporal consistency of local neural activities: A new imaging measure for functional MRI data. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging , 2014, doi: 10.1002/jmri.24831 .

Free FOCA software (http://www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/FOCA.html)


(2) Neuroimaging of Epilepsy

C Luo, Q Li, Y Xia, X Lei, K Xue, Z Yao, Y Lai, W Liao, D Zhou, PA Valdes Sosa, QY Gong, D Yao. Resting state basal ganglia network in idiopathic generalized epilepsy.Human brain mapping 33 (6), 1279-1294,2012

Luo C. ,Li Q.,Lai Y.,Xia Y.,Qin Y.,Liao W.,Li S.,Zhou D.,Yao D,Gong Q. Altered Functional Connectivity in Default Mode Network in Absence Epilepsy: A Resting -State fMRI Study. Human Brain Mapping,32(3)( 2011 ),438-449.

Xue K.,Luo C.,Zhang D.,Yang T.,Li J.,Gong D.,Chen L.,Yasser Iturria Medina,Jean Gotman,Zhou D.,Yao D. Diffusion tensor tractography reveals disrupted structural connectivity in childhood absence epilepsy. Epilepsy Research,108 (1)( 2014) ,125 -138.


(3) Modeling of epilepsy

Mingming Chen, Daqing Guo, Tiebin Wang, Wei Jing, Yang Xia, Peng Xu, Cheng Luo, Pedro A Valdes-Sosa, Dezhong Yao. Bidirectional control of absence seizures by the Basal Ganglia: a computational evidence. PLoS Computational Biology 03/2014; 10(3):e1003495.


(4) Pattern classification

Xu P,Xiong X.,Xue Q ,L i P. ,Zhang R. ,Wang Z., Pedro V. S., A. ,Wang Y,Yao D. Differentiating Between Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures and Epilepsy Based on Common Spatial Pattern of Weighted EEG Resting Networks. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering . 61 (6)( 2014), 1747 -1755.




  Lab and Lab Members



  Contact and Mail address

Dezhong Yao
School of Life Science and Technology,
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
ChengDu City 610054
P.R China
Email: dyao@uestc.edu.cn
Tel: 86-28-83201018(o) Fax:86-28-83208238

Information in Chinese (中文版介绍)



1972.9-1978.1 Xinyuan elementary school, Nanchuan, Chongqing,China.
1978.3-1979.7 Qianfeng elementary school, Nanchuan, Chongqing,China.
1979.9-1981.7 Nanchuan high School, Nanchuan, Chongqing,China.


1981.9-1985.7 Bachelor in Physics at Southwest University, Chongqing, China.


1985.9-1988.7 Master in Soil Science at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.


1988.9-1991.7 PhD in Applied Geophysics at Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu, China.


2004.3-2005.11 PhD (part time) in Medical Science and Engineering at Aalborg University, Denmark.

2006- Cheung Kong Professor ( Changjiang Scholar Professor, MOE)
1991.09-1993.05 Post Doctor in Microwave Engineering at UESTC, Chengdu, China
1993.06-1995.05 Associate Professor at UESTC
1995.06- Professor at UESTC
1997.09-1998.08 Visiting Scholar at EECS of University of Illinois At Chicago, USA
1999.02-1999.07 Visiting Scholar at the Beijing Cognitive Lab, Academy of China.
2000.11-2001.04 Visiting Professor at Department of Psychology, McMaster University, Canada.
2001.11-2017.12 The dean of the School of Life Science and Technology, UESTC, China.
2003.11-2004.02 Visiting Professor at Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark.

  Previous Lab Members

Hosted Post Doctors: Yuan Li, Zhijie Zhang, Jing Hu, Yanzhang Li; Antao Chen,Yin Tian,Yanling Liu….
Graduated PhD: Ting Fu, Huafu Chen, Yongjie Li, Yiran Zhai, Peng Xu, Qun zhou, Hongchuan Xiong, Ling Li, Yongxiu Lai, Tiejun Liu, Ling Wang, Zhenghua Wu, Gang Yin, Guangzhan Fang, Yin Tian, Ling Zeng, Qing Gao, Ke Li, Linnan Yang, Yu Yin, Xinyu Du, Dan Wu, Xu Lei, Junpeng Zhang, Yangsong zhang, Kaiqing Xue…


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